About Us

Our mission is to connect in a virtual workshop the best Italian artisans with people looking for unique products of the highest quality.

From Venice to the Amalfi Coast, from Milan to Sicily we have discovered the best Italian artisans. We went into their shops, listened to their stories and selected the best creations. The mission is to make the best of real made in Italy available to you with a click


Find the artisan

Listen to their story

Select the best



Each craftsman has his own history and traditions. Discover the secrets of each creation, made with knowledge and dedication


Our artisans create goods that last over time: result of passion, research and attention to detail

Pot with cotton plants


Our partners value people, selection of materials and productions with low environmental impact

The Team

Ad Hoc Atelier was born in the spring of 2021 from the idea of five friends, all under 25: Lorenzo, Carolina, Giovanni, Vittorio and Andrea.

Our goal? To create a virtual atelier where the best Italian artisans can meet customers looking for unique, top-quality products. A dream based on a concrete idea of supporting Made in Italy through the online sales channel, focusing on quality and sustainability.