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About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to connect in a virtual workshop the best Italian artisans with people looking for unique products of the highest quality. From Venice to the Amalfi Coast, from Milan to Sicily we have discovered for you the best Italian artisans: we went into their shops, listened to their stories and selected their best creations.

How We Select our Artisans

Each piece is special and unobtainable in a traditional store. It is our duty to verify that:

We only select brands that share our values. We carefully check that:

We verify the quality of every single product. We always check that:

Why Ad Hoc Atelier?


Italian Craftmanship

Sense of community

For us, fashion must respect cultures and heritages. It must promote and celebrate the skills of individuals and craftsmanship, recognizing creativity as its most important asset. We are a community that drives positive change for small businesses, people, and the planet. We are committed every day to celebrate the best artisan realities throughout Italy.

Exaltation of talent

We find exceptional people, stories and products that deserve to be discovered. We try to facilitate direct contact, as it happens every day in the workshops of the artisans. We want you to have access to the extraordinary world of craftsmanship, which is hidden in the alleys, cities and breathtaking Italian landscapes.




Fashion must be transparent and responsible. We require extreme clarity from our brands regarding the entire supply chain: everyone must know how, where, by whom and under what conditions their clothes are made.

Bond with territory

Fashion cannot measure success only through sales and profits. It is essential that our brands value their workers through fair and equal pay, favorable working conditions and by encouraging the creativity of each individual. The brands we select have an unbreakable bond with their territory: they are driven by tradition, history and culture.


We support Fashion Revolution by donating 1% of our sales

We want to stand by Fashion Revolution for a more ethical and sustainable fashion, that supports workers and protects the environment. To learn more about Fashion Revolution's mission click here


Made to Last

Quality without compromises

We love fashion, but we don't want our clothes to exploit people or destroy our planet. We believe in choosing quality garments that can last over time. This is why we don't compromise: we check for quality raw materials, excellence in manufacturing and meticulous attention to detail. For this reason, we have decided to rely on selected brands exclusively Made in Italy.

Continuous selection

We touch each product and verify where creations are born. Italy has an incredible heritage of artisans, independent and creative brands who create products with a refined style and exquisite workmanship: it is time for consumers all over the world to benefit from them with a simple click.

The Team

Our story began in the spring of 2020. The founders, all under the age of 25, were sharing the same roof away from home during the months of quarantine. One of the founders was trying to buy pajamas from the small store he trusted in Italy but after days of searching, no results.

We soon realized how many realities in Italy deserve to be discovered, but are still hard to find online. It's time to make them easily accessible to everyone! Since that day, our mission is to create a virtual atelier, based on the concrete idea of supporting Made in Italy by focusing on quality, uniqueness and ethicality. Our goal is to create a community that includes skilled artisans and conscious consumers from all over the world. Join us!