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Italy has been known for high-quality leather. Italian leather is so special.
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When somebody talks about luxury and tradition, the things that come to one's mind are Argentinian beef, French Wine, and Italian premium leather. Its heavenly quality and perfect finish have been quite popular worldwide.

Italy has been the epicenter for leather production for quite some time. If you wan to produce leather goods, you should find the right manufacturer. For leather goods and bags manufacturing, we recommend Italian Artisan.  But what is the real fuss behind Italian Leather? Why are people interested in this? Let's see more in details.

What is Italian Leather?

In layman's terms, Italian Leather is a kind of Leather that is produced in Italy. There are special tanneries in Italy who have proper knowledge of producing Leather by using a specific process called vegetable tanning. In the process, vegetable tannins, which are organic substances found in tree bark, fruit, and plants, are used to create Leather.

 Italian Leather is made from the outermost layer of the animal's skin, using the vegetable tanning process. This combination of methods creates a full-grain, exceptional quality Leather. But one must know that the term is not a protected term. This means that anyone can use this term to give a name to their Leather, irrespective of whether it is made in Italy or not. This name only states the location from which it is being manufactured.

"Italian Leather" is a term that has a lot of prestige and reputation attached to it. That's why many sellers use this term to gain customers' attention.

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What type of Products can be made from Italian Leather?

There are multiple items that one can make using Italian Leather. Here a selection of the best leather goods produced in Italy:
Shoulder bags
Belts Italian leather
Italian leather backpacks

• Home décor
 • Automotive Interiors, etc. 

There are unlimited products that you can make from Italian Leather. Sellers often misuse the term "Italian Leather" for their benefit, making it difficult for customers to differentiate between originals and fakes. Use the following guide to help differentiate between the two.

Buying Guide For Italian Leather Products

These are some of the options that you should consider before buying Italian Leather:

The smell of real Italian Leather is quite distinctive from the fake ones. However, one can easily recognize the smell of the original Leather without any mistake. The fake leather smell is either quite strong, or feels like nothing.

At the same time, the original Italian Leather will have an earthy aroma. It will take you no time to figure out which one is fake Leather and which one is original. This is because fake Leather makes use of plastic fibers. These fibers are very different from the original Italian ones. So, it won't be hard to figure out which material is original and which is not.

Durability & the Handwork
The best leather products are formed using quality leather material and precisely stitching it. When it comes to leather handbags, artisans mostly use either full-grain Leather or top-grain Leather. Both of these leather materials look extremely good. So, when you are off shopping for the best leather items, check the way they are stitched and notice the material they are made of. Also, properly notice the buckle and straps when purchasing an Italian leather handbag. Good quality handbags will have straps and buckles properly stitched to it.

Tanning Process
Tanning is a process in which the animal's skin is completely altered to make it more durable and less susceptible to decomposition. There are two ways of doing it. First is chrome tanning: chromium and harsh chemicals are used for leather production.

The second way is Vegetable Tanning: organic materials like tree bark are used to make Leather. Now, here comes the difference between the two. Chrome-tanned products are usually cheap because they are made using chemicals. As a result, they are not durable, also losing their shine quickly. At the same time, the vegetable-tanned products are eco-friendly, durable, and remain in good condition for long time.

But even vegetable-tanned Leather can lose its shine if they are not properly taken care of. So, let's see how some tips on how can you clean and take care of your Italian Leather products.

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Tips on how to clean and care for Italian Leather Products

When Leather comes in Contact with Water
Water, especially rain, can leave a harsh stain on leather products. So, make sure to keep your leather products away from water as much as you can. If you have Italian leather handbags that have a smooth, shiny, or suede finish, always keep them wrapped under a plastic bag if it is raining outside.

If somehow your handbag or Italian leather shoes gets wet, make sure to pat it dry immediately. Then, allow it to dry naturally. Avoid using a hairdryer or keeping it under sunlight as it causes severe damage to products created with any type of leather.

Always store your leather products in a cloth or plastic bag. Do not seal the bag. Instead, allow your leather to breathe. Punch in a few holes in your plastic bag so there is enough room for air to pass through the Leather. Keep your products in a dimly lit area. Do not keep them in areas that are exposed to direct sunlight. In the case of leather garments, make sure not to fold them.

Cleaning of Leather Furniture
Cleaning the leather furniture can be very hectic as you cannot use water to remove any dirt. Usually, people use a vacuum or dry cloth to remove dirt sitting on it. Avoid using any chemical to remove stains from your leather furniture. Daily use of Italian Leather wallet can make it all dirty. Use a damp cloth to remove dirt from it.


Italian Leather is one of the most sort after materials around the world. When purchasing such extensive material, you should always check the authenticity of the brand.

We always provide our customer with original Italian leather products. From Italian leather bags to high quality shoes, you are sure to find always the best and genuine italian creations. Our artisans do their best to provide the customers with a variety of goods at their doorstep, and we carefully select the best Italian brands.

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