Handmade Leather Bags - Everything you have to know

You know everything there is to know about leather handbags, a true style item that cannot be missed in your look.


handmade leather bags

Leather is the only type of material that does not go out of style no matter what. There are so many brands that have been using leather as a core material for their accessories be it belts, jackets, trousers, wallets, etc. Do you know why?

Well, leather gives entrepreneurial touch to all the products. They look elegant, fashionable and regal all at the same time. But when it comes to choosing between a tailored leather bag or a handmade leather bag people these days are inclining more towards handmade products. Although handmade leather products are expensive, their luxurious finish captures everybody’s attention.

Here are some of the top reasons why you should choose handmade leather products:

1. Appealing
Leather is an appealing material. It looks extremely luxurious in whatever product it gets incorporated. A handmade bags leather leaves all the fashion trends behind. It fits in with every type of outfit, be it casual or professional. For men it is a collectible item and for women it is one of the must have product.

2. Easy to resale
Yes, handmade bags are a bit expensive. But their resale value is so good that you will never have to face trouble while selling them. The trend of handmade bags leather never goes out of fashion so you will never face trouble while selling them. In fact, there are many who even like to match out their shoes or belts with their leather bag. So, investing in handmade leather shoes or belts will only benefit you in the future.

3. Durable
There is nothing that can beat leather when it comes to durability. If proper care is given to the handmade leather bags, they can last for decades without losing their charm. As it is flexible and water resistant you will face less trouble in cleaning it up. The best part about leather is that the older it gets the stronger it becomes. That is why people call it the perfect heirloom. You can hand it down from one generation to the other without worrying about it getting faded.

4. Perfect
Accessory for all occasions: Handmade bags leather is the perfect accessory for everyone. Be it a night event or a Sunday brunch you can easily work it out with any look. These beautiful bags work well in every season.

5. Best gift that you can ever give
The best gift that you can ever give to your loved ones be it a man or a woman is handmade bags. They look extremely gorgeous and one can even customize them by putting on the initials of their or somebody else’s name. Handmade bags leather is quite popular amongst women too because of their unique styling and designs. But there are multiple types of leather used in making handmade bags leather. Let’s dive into the various types of leather that are available in the market.

Types of Leather Available in the market

1. Goatskin Leather
Goatskin is a versatile manner that can be molded into any type of product be it bag, gloves, boots, etc. It contains lanolin, which is a waxy oil that makes this goatskin water resistant. It is a comfortable, warm and breathable material. Most local artisans prefer using it for making bags as it is soft and can be easily adapted into various types of products. This leather’s high tolerance and strength characteristic makes it one of the most sort after material for making handmade bags.

2. Cowhide Leather
When looking for handmade leather bags cowhide leather is one of the top choices by artisans. It can easily last for several years due if taken proper care of. As it is a hypoallergic material you won’t catch any allergy easily. It’s natural oils tends to repel liquids, dirt and dust from the bag.

3. Bison Leather
Bison leather is made from buffalo hides and is known for its unique grain pattern, durability, and thickness. The epidermal layer makes bison leather three times thicker than cowhide leather, making it a popular choice for handmade bags. Now, that you know which leather is appropriate for using in handmade leather bags let’s see how can you make one yourself.

leather bags

How to make your own handmade bags leather?

Tools Required:
1. 2mm(5oz) leather
2. Stamp Tools
3. Swivel Knife
4. Linen or waxed thread
5. Needles for lacing and stitching
6. Acrylic Paints and Leather Dyes
7. Buckles, Keepers, Closure, and Rivets
8. Contact Adhesive
9. 2mm Lacing

Steps on how to make your own handmade leather bag

1. First of all, choose a 2mm thick leather of your choice. Cut out a template of your bag on a paper or a card to get an idea on how would you want your leather to be cut out. After that carefully cut the leather in the exact same pieces.

2. Take a piece of paper and draw the design you want to see on your bag. Now take the piece of leather on which you want to carve out the design. Damp that piece using spray bottle and wet sponge. Place the design on top of the damp piece and trace out the design. With the help of swivel knife cut out the design carefully on the leather.

3. Take out your leather dye and acrylic paints to color your leather pieces. After the coloring is done let it dry. Apply a leather finish at the end.

4. Next, step is to line your bag. For this you have too first use an adhesive to make all the pieces come in contact. Then you can stitch or lace them up using good quality thread.

5. Now in the end just sew the straps, the buckle on it and your handmade leather bags is ready for use.

leather bags

Types of handmade leather bags

When it comes to handmade bags, you can choose from an infinite number of types. Here you can find the main ones:
shoulder bags,
leather crossbody bags,

• leather tote bags,
leather purses,
leather handbags
leather backpacks,
leather travel bags,

• leather business bags

What makes Italian leather bags unique

Italian bags have an unparalleled history and tradition and are a real source of pride for the nation. Above all in Tuscany there is a real and proper cult of leather treatment: genuine leather is processed by the skilled hands of the artisans, who create elegant bags designed to last over time.

To give an example, in Italy one of the best known brands is Scuola del Cuoio and its famous Italian leather handbags. It is said that they gave one to Mamie Eisenhower, when she officially became first lady. She loved it so much that she wore it at the most important receptions, and she commissioned one for Jacqueline Kennedy.

Since that time it has been a tradition for Scuola del Cuoio to make a special bag for every first lady, all women different in style but able to appreciate Italian handbags and their versatility as a personal item.


Making a handmade bag from scratch is a difficult task that one has to do. It takes a lot of time and effort. If you want to find who can produce your bag, you should go to Italian Artisan, the right choice for bags manufacturing. But does that mean that you shouldn’t own one?

With our bags selection you can make your dreams come true of owning a handmade bags leather without stressing out. Our great team of artisans will provide you with one-of-a-kind bags at your doorstep. So, why wait? Contact us today and get your hands on a beautiful handmade bag today!

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