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Collections with vintage references, always fresh and contemporary

The B. is a women's clothing brand born in 2015 based in Rome by the hand of the designer Federico Barrazzo and his sister Benedetta.
The brand was born following the desire to create a well-defined stylistic concept. The collections include a total look. Entirely Made in Italy, the products are created thanks to the high level of tailoring and craftsmanship. Each collection takes shape from a deep research phase, from which silhouettes and volumes derive, united by precise and linear cuts.

The target is broad. The collections speak to a woman attentive to quality and details, who loves clean lines, with vintage references but always fresh and contemporary.
The materials are totally made in Italy, as well as the production, located in Rome. The B. stands out for a high level of craftsmanship, highlighted by a meticulous search for high quality materials and precise stitching designed to last over time.

“The B. wants to bring the ancient Italian tailoring tradition into the contemporary world”

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