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Vests and accessories with a touch of contemporary feminine vision

SCILé, a Milanese label, is a contemporary reinterpretation of the traditional men's vest. The idea of SCILé was conceived by Silvia, Carlotta and Marta, eager to create particular and refined garments inspired by different artistic movements and cultures.

SCILé was born from the reinterpretation of the gilet in a feminine key, with a choice of different fabrics and eclectic prints that create strong and eccentric contrasts. Each SCILé garment is made in Italy, guaranteeing minimal environmental impact. Each collection is made with top quality natural fabrics and strictly Made in Italy.

SCILé is the protagonist of an outfit and not a simple accessory. It is a sustainable collection designed for classy, sophisticated and detail-conscious women. Women who dare to express their personality through their outfits.

“We have given the vest femininity and contemporaneity, making it the protagonist of every outfit”

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