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Sartoria Vico

An artisanal clothing brand inspired by creative and free-spirited women

Sartoria Vico is an artisanal women's clothing brand, inspired by self-confident, creative and free-spirited women. Feminine, minimalist and contemporary women. Sartoria Vico is characterized by perfectly finished knitwear, made with the highest quality and sustainable yarns and wools.

Sartoria Vico designs the garments thinking about the shapes, curves and volumes of the body, to maximize the fit with simplicity and minimalism. The mission is to create a sustainable garment that enhances the shapes and personality of every woman.

Sartoria Vico produces perfectly finished knitwear, 100% made in Italy. The brand stands out for its meticulous attention to detail and the use of precious raw materials. Sartoria Vico contributes to the idea of a timeless, versatile, conscious and sustainable wardrobe.

We believe in the exaltation of women, their shapes and their personality "

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Jungle Dress
Sartoria Vico
Jungle Trousers
Sartoria Vico
Jungle Jumpsuit
Sartoria Vico
Jungle Jumper
Sartoria Vico
Ballerina Skin Dress
Sartoria Vico
Culotte Trousers
Sartoria Vico
Skin Turtleneck
Sartoria Vico
Sartoria Vico
Skin Trousers
Sartoria Vico
Chunky Turtleneck
Sartoria Vico