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Roberta Moretti

Jewels inspired by nature and the sea that give shape to your imagination

Roberta Moretti artisan jewelery was born in 2010 from the passion for natural stones. After attending the prestigious Ambrosiana Goldsmith school in Milan, Roberta Moretti begins to create objects with the lost wax casting technique, inspired by nature and the sea, giving shape to her imagination.

Thus, Roberta Moretti, founder and creative soul of artisan jewelery, has given shape to collections that connect the soul with the body, visions with reality, the simple with the sophisticated. Each jewel is a unique piece and is hand painted to give life to all different stories.

“I follow the tradition of the ancient art of Italian jewelry: each jewel is unique and hand painted, therefore inimitable”

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Roberta Moretti
Roberta Moretti
Roberta Moretti