Edoardo Pasolini is the founder of the Rome-based swimwear brand Peninsula. As part of their strategy to reduce environmental impact, they have committed to using more sustainable fabric bases

Artisan's products are:
  • Ethical

  • Artisanal

  • Made in Italy

  • Sustainable

About the materials

Peninsula uses Recycled Polyester to make our swimwear. This material is obtained by melting existing plastic and trimming it into a new polyester fiber, while guaranteeing high quality standards in terms of comfort and durability, thus renewing our commitment to sustainability and respect for the environment. Furthermore, according to a study by WRAP (Waste & Resources Action Programme), its production requires 59% less energy than virgin polyester and reduces CO2 emissions by 32%.

Sharing a moment

The Mediterranean Sea, like all the world's marine waters, is increasingly invaded by plastic. Every year, some 229,000 tonnes of plastic waste are spilled, the equivalent of more than 500 containers per day. According to a report published in 2020 by the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (lucn), Italy alone disposes of 34,000 tonnes/year.

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