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Le Calette

Clutches made on the loom according to the centennial Sardinian tradition

Le Calette is an artisan reality born in Sardinia, focused on clutch bags for every occasion. The idea was born from the recovery of a small traditional Italian bag, which in the late nineteenth century was used in the evening to contain a small notebook, where women wrote the names of the knights they wanted to dance with.

Le Calette create chainless clutches, recovering Sardinian traditions in terms of fabrics and craftsmanship. The pieces are made with loom-woven fabrics, according to the typical processes of the island.

The palette prefers intense tones, the colors recall the sea of Sardinia. The fabrics range from lamé to cretonne used in the prints of the furnishings up to the classicism of shantung.

"I founded this brand, which is made by seamstresses living in Sardinia. My desire was to safeguard female beauty and recover an object from the 1920s"

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