Bianca Imbembo is founder of her own Capua-based brand Kilesa. Her is an Italian luxury design brand that produces made in Italy bags and, accessories made exclusively through the use of fine leathers.

Artisan's products are:
  • Ethical

  • Made by Women

  • Artisanal

  • Made in Italy

  • Made to Order

About the materials

The representative symbol is the lotus flower, an expression of strong spirituality due to its peculiarity of sinking its roots into the mud and lying on the surface of stagnant waters, emerging from them immaculate and beautiful. Its shape is reminiscent of a chalice that seems to represent the womb from which life is born and represents those who live in the world without being contaminated.

Sharing a moment

The brand’s name is inspired by oriental philosophy, in which the Kilesa are the mental obstacles that human beings encounter when trying to achieve a set goal. Only courage, the desire for freedom and a strong, resilient spirit can overcome these obstacles, and these are the characteristics of the soul that constantly guide the work of this universe.

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