Fili Pari

Fili Pari

Fili Pari is the innovative Milan-based brand that develops and promotes unconventional materials for the textile sector, respecting the environment and its territory.

Artisan' products are:
  • Ethical

  • Made by Women

  • Artisanal

  • Made in Italy

  • Made to Order

  • Sustainable

About the materials

“Marm More '' products are made in Italy in every step of the process: from the selection of the marbles to their processing, up to the production of the material. They promote the responsible use of our planet's resources, with the aim of optimizing the consumption of materials to ensure the least possible waste. Thanks to this zero-waste philosophy, the waste resulting from the cutting of the garment packaging becomes an opportunity and finds new life in beautiful raincoats.

Sharing a moment

Their name Fili Pari represents the anagram of Fripi and Ali, the two founders: an immediate reference to the thread, to the textile world, to the overall vision that characterizes the brand. They specialize in cutting-edge technologies for the valorization of marble powders, with the aim of designing new materials capable of combining style, innovation and technical performance.

The artisan speaks up

Fili Pari

Fili Pari

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