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Fili Pari

Garments created from Italian Marble, for an innovative and responsible fashion

Fili Pari is an artisan company specializing in cutting-edge technologies for the enhancement of marble powders, with the aim of designing new materials capable of combining style, innovation and technical performance.

Fili Pari uses an innovative material made with marble powder, which combines technical performance and aesthetic characteristics thanks to the presence of marble inside. The material is waterproof, windproof and abrasion resistant.

The philosophy of Fili Pari embraces the values ​​of a circular economy, combining research and innovation to improve the well-being of the earth and its people throughout the entire life cycle of the product. Fili Pari promotes the responsible use of our planet's resources, with the aim of optimizing material consumption to ensure the least possible waste.

"From cold, heavy and static, marble is made light, warm and wearable"

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