effei wearing cultures

​​Aurora Circelli is the stylist and founder of Effei, an independent brand based in Latina, Rome. By empowering cultural diversities all over the world,  she entirely crafts her creations in Italy.

Artisan' products are:
  • Ethical

  • Made by Women

  • Artisanal

  • Made in Italy

  • Made to Order

  • Sustainable

About the materials

Following the textile traditions of the country of reference, their fabrics are made by hand in Italy. As materials, they use organic cotton for the inner lining, and natural dyes like Bogo and Malam for the outside of each bag and gilet. Effei pieces are hand- embroidered, and its packaging is entirely recycled and recyclable.

Sharing a moment

The Latina (nearby Rome) warfront is the place where she goes to inspire herself. She's so touched by the sea, because it moves her feelings like: freedom, traveling, and discovering. These are a huge part of their world.

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