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Dea Sandals

Capri sandals on the border between art and craftsmanship
Dea Sandals - Handmade Sandals for Women
Dea Sandals - Handmade Sandals for Women
Dea Sandals - Handmade Sandals for Women

Dea Sandals is a brand of handmade sandals that was born from the evolution of a historical profession, the cobbler. Dea Sandals is a perfect combination of art and craftsmanship, dexterity and design, quality and preciousness.

The mission of Dea Sandals is to spread the ancient Capri tradition of creating sandals, completely handmade with all Italian materials. For the sole Dea Sandals uses only Tuscan leather, attaching a traceability certificate with serial number to each sandal. The leather is hand-treated with a natural process, obtaining a softening of the leather, which becomes more comfortable and comfortable. The soles are reinforced with a fiber insert that makes the sandal more stable and resistant

The goal of Dea Sandals is to recreate, beyond the local borders, the glamorous atmosphere of the artisan shops of Capri, an ideal environment for women where they can live a fascinating personalized shopping experience.

“Through our sandals you can experience the sparkling atmosphere of the Capri shops, between glamor and craftsmanship”

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