The babú shoes brand was born in Milan in April 2022 from the belief that quality
is preferred over convenience, and from confidence in self-expression.
They are tied to tradition and projected to the future.

Artisan's products are:
  • Ethical

  • Artisanal

  • Made in Italy

  • Made to Order

About the materials

From the choice of materials to the crafting of each shoe, the entire process required to create a pair of babú is done with outstanding care. Beside the cutting of the materials, which is made with a no-waste technological process, each babú production step is led by the expert hands of our Vigevano artisans.

Sharing a moment

They believe in a slow fashion model that relies on the skilled hands of experienced artisans, allowing them to dedicate precious time and care to the process. This is why they only operate on a made to order basis, minimizing waste.

The artisan speaks up



Artisan's Collection