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Eco-friendly bags to give a touch of color to your day
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The Amì project was born in 2018 by three young friends: Martina, Ginevra and Benedetta. The brand is 100% made in Italy, standing out for a simple and refined style. The clutch bags are entirely handmade, and have a strong eco-sustainable imprint.

Sustainability is at the heart of the project: the three women are driven by the desire to achieve a production of bags that does not generate further waste of energy, resources and materials. The fashion world is one of the most polluting, so it is urgent to create a 0 impact.

Amì was born from the desire to reduce the environmental impact of fashion, reusing refined materials otherwise discarded by large productions. The bags are in fact made entirely from waste materials: the mission of Amì is to recycle unused materials and give them a new life through the production of colorful bags, suitable for any occasion. The materials recovered are limited, so the accessories and bags are made in unique pieces and exclusive editions.

We got to know the Amì project by word of mouth. Our stylist was doing a study on recycling waste materials from luxury brands. She came across this reality and immediately fell in love with it. From this discovery, it didn't take long for us to fall in love with Amì clutch bags, which are now a must-have of Ad Hoc Atelier.

“We aspire to a fashion world that does not see sustainability as a passing trend. Fashion must combine style with ethical awareness”

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